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Goldwell Color

Goldwell is a luxury color line that gives our guests and stylists the results they're looking for. At 90 Degrees Salon, we are able to custom mix volumes of amazing colors and highlights from natural to super funky to match anyone's needs.

For many salons, hair is – hair. At 90 Degrees Salon, we understand that hair is a statement of your style and personality, which is why it’s so important to find a hairstylist that helps you achieve your look. Things get even more tricky when it comes to hair color, a bad coloring can do serious damage and ruin your hairstyle for weeks or longer. Delightedly, the stylists at 90 Degrees Salon are experts in color and highlights for a wide range of hair types, and we’re proud to be a Goldwell salon in Charlotte NC.

Goldwell makes some of the highest quality hair coloring products, drawing on the knowledge of color experts from around the world, and hair science to create formulas that avoid excessive damage to hair. Goldwell gives our salon the tools to achieve stunning results, whether it’s a simple tone shift or a dramatic new color.

Being a Goldwell colorist at 90 Degrees Salon is about going beyond the basics and achieving true mastery with hair color. Goldwell offers a comprehensive education program that has helped our team in Charlotte, NC develop both their technical knowledge and artistry. It’s one thing to turn someone bleached blonde, but as Goldwell colorists, we understand the nuances that lead to truly stunning hair color.

90 Degrees Salon is ready to help you achieve your new look. We can turn your vision into reality, letting you make just the right color statement.

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