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What is Color Correction?

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Let's start with the most important thing

  • Honesty with your stylist, always tell your stylist your Hair History. Not communicating what you have done to your hair can often lead to hair damage when trying to fix your color. We will never judge, so be as honest with your stylist as you would be with your doctor.

  • We pride ourselves in being the best salon at our craft using professional Goldwell hair color. Striving to not only give you the best possible result but to also save the integrity of your hair. Most likely your hair will have to be done in steps so that your hair remains in the best possible condition.

  • One of the best ways to help your stylist before your corrective color is to use a clarifying shampoo before your visit. This will provide a deeply cleansed base for them to start with, plus it will remove as much unwanted product build-up as possible. You may have heard that the best way to arrive before a color treatment is with dirty|unwashed hair. Doing this means any color or toner applied to your hair will need to get through the build-up before taking effect on the hair.

What is color correction, how long will it take

  • Color correction is when a professional stylist needs to correct a result from a previous hair coloring, usually home hair. While some color corrections can be done in one or two steps, others require several appointments.

  • Discuss open and honestly your expectations and budget before the service begins, so that they can strategize your color correction. Individual goals need to be realistic because the overall integrity of the hair is always taken into consideration.

  • The time needed to perform a color correction hair service varies due to the nature and current condition and type of hair It is almost impossible to put an exact time on color correction, it depends on how drastic a change is needed and how damaged the hair is. In some cases, color correction can be fixed in a few hours.

It's important to remember that color correction is a process


Color correction for light | blonde hair

  • If you tried home hair color or you had a bad experience at a salon and are left with a brassy or yellow mess rather than the desired tone. That’s why color correcting techniques and professional Goldwell Color team at 90 Degrees Salon exists.

  • It's important to realize when hair gets lightened, color is taken out of the hair, not put into it. That causes hair to lose other essential proteins. Repeatedly lightening hair can potentially cause damage to your hair, making it essential to protect your hair. So it's important to talk to your stylist about hair care to help overcome this.

  • Generally, the reason why someone needs color correction as a blonde is usually caused by two things- the underlying pigment in the new growth and porosity in processed mid-lengths and ends.

Dreaming of bright blonde locks

  • You can prevent a lot of brassiness by using violet|purple shampoo at home, once or twice per week. Leave the shampoo on the scalp [and the first few inches of hair] for a minute or two, then rinse with tepid or cool water. When rinsing the shampoo that runs through the ends will provide the perfect amount of toning and give them a balanced, shine result.

  • Commonly if you have all over permanent or semi-permanent color and you want a lighter shade but without highlights, you will most likely need a color cleanse. Permanent and semi-permanent hair color cannot be removed without using a color remover.


Color correction for dark hair

  • If your hair is too light and or you would like to correct the color by making it darker, your hair will need to be filled. The stylist will need to insert pigment back into your hair, and once the hair is filled it will need to be colored at least one more time [sometimes more than once] to deposit the hair color you desire.

  • When you want to go lighter because you may be experiencing reddish undertones in hair that was supposed to be chocolate-colored or maybe you accidentally went a shade or two darker than intended with home hair color. Your stylist at 90 Degrees Salon will be able to recommend the best options depending on the color.

It's important to work with a stylist that you trust.

  • Just like with the blondes needing a violet|purple shampoo, a color corrector conditioner is ideal for color-treated or naturally darker hair ask your stylist which one is best for you. Use it to reduce brassiness or to deposit some color into the hair.


How much does color correction cost

  • The price is determined based on the treatments and length of time needed to complete them. Some simple color corrections take only the hair color up or down a few shades while others will have more extreme damage which takes considerably more time. Whatever the condition and color of your hair, we want to help you get everything corrected the best way possible so you can be confident and beautiful.

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